Saturday, March 30, 2013

March round up

I am sitting here writing this post on April 20.  My posts have been very limited and few lately due to our move in 2 weeks.  But tonight I sit here backing up all my files on my computer.  It gets packed up the day after tomorrow and will be turned off tomorrow night.  As I was backing things up, I figured I'd post these very late photos of our happenings in the month of March!  So again, sorry this is so late.  I think this is without a doubt the hardest move we will encounter in Dima's Marine Corps career thanks to the age of the boys.  

At the park with Mommy

Eli and I at the beach

My handsome first born in the tubby

Z eating ice cream.  He loves it

Our friend Mike making us special shots for St. Patty's day!

They were pretty darn good!

Sold our table.  We've been sitting on the floor. 

Eating... Always eating

Zach was helping with the laundry

Riding on our friend's Jeep.  Zach loves it!