Sunday, March 10, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 25

With all the craziness that has been our lives, we are a bit late posting on here these days.  Eli is continuing to keep me busy both with feedings and nap schedules.  He is very close to sitting up though, which is a huge milestone that I cannot wait to cross. 
This week he did cross a new milestone- eating solids!  At the end of this week, he was given an Avocado.  He was neither interested or disinterested.  Like all babies at their first feeding, most ended up on his shirt.  It takes practice and patience.  I am anxious for him to begin new foods in the weeks and years to come.  

Day 177- March 4.  Zach was lounging with baby brother!

Day 178- March 5.  He loves this teething toy.  No teeth yet though!

Day 179- March 6.  He's almost 6 months now!

Day 180- March 7.  On a run at the beach with Mommy!

Day 181- March 8.  Love that naked boy!

Day 182- March 9.  At the beach again with the family!

Day 183- March 10.  Trying his first taste of solids- an Avocado!  Yum!