Sunday, April 7, 2013

Elijah 365- part 29

Naps have always been an issue in this house.  My kids have both been great sleepers, but naps have always been tough.  However in the past week, I am delighted to announce that Eli is doing much better then before.  He takes a 1 hour nap about 1-2 hours after waking up, and another at the same time as big brother.  In the past week or so he's done great and seems to be falling into this routine quite well.  Unfortunately, we are moving in less then 4 weeks now, so we will go through a time change soon enough.  Here's to hoping he falls back into the swing of things after a few weeks!  
This week was pretty low key.  Though we did go on a playdate with some other kids the same age as both boys.  It's nice sometimes to sit with other Moms going through it all too.   Not to mention the boys love the change of scenery (and toys!). 
Day 205- April 1.  Big brother seems to be reverting back to being a baby.  He keeps climbing into this and then realizing he can't get out!

Day 206- April 2.  Saying hi to Daddy!

Day 207- April 3.  Before bed.  He's really looking a lot like Daddy!

Day 208- April 4. Playing with some other kids his age at playgroup.  All these babies (minus the one standing and Hazel in the way back) are September babies. 

Day 209- April 5.  Little fireman!

Day 210- April 6.  Love this one because Neko is being a goof in the background!

Day 211- April 7.  Sucking his finger and his little elephant blankey!