Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend "Stay-cation"

We've been busy lately.  Very busy.  With two little ones and busy schedules, we've been exhausted beyond belief.  Dima's been working crazy hours- as always and has recently begun his EWS school along with the every day responsibilities he carries.  I have been very busy with both kids.  Eli is still waking up in the night a few times, and I think the lack of sleep is catching up to me.  It's been exhausting.  
When we heard that White beach was offering cheap deals in the month of January we knew we had to jump on it.  It's a beautiful place that neither of us had actually spent the night at.  There are campsites right on the beach and even campers there.  Then there are cabins up on the top of the hill above the beach.  With two little ones, we knew it was best to go with the cabin, and the biggest one they had at that.  We could only book one night, but got there early enough that we were able to enjoy the day there.  It was beautiful but quite windy.  In any case, they had great playgrounds for Zach (and Daddy) to play on.  

Eventually it was time to check into our cabin for the night.  The cabin was really nice.  Big enough to sleep at least 5, and with a ocean view.  Though there were currently two American ships deployed there that we had a view of.  It was perfect for us, and we hope to return with friends before we move someday.  
Our cabin

What's sad is that this is a better kitchen then we have in our house!

The view from our bedroom
We decided to lay low for a bit before heading out again to visit the beach once more.  After looking at the waves and sand, we headed in for dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Zach might have stuffed his face with the salad bar.  The kid loves salad!  That's my boy!  Next time we will come with friends and just grill outside.  In the evening, we put Eli to bed, and let Zach stay up an extra 15 minutes to watch Despicable Me.  

Daddy and I stayed up a little later and drank a bottle of wine and ate chocolate.  I never drink so the wine made me exhausted and we passed out very early!  We are definitely parents. The morning brought us a beautiful sunset- and we sat outside on the porch and watched it while eating the oatmeal we brought.  

 Breakfast brought us beautiful lighting and I ended up bringing Zach outside to get some photos.  It was not easy to get him to stay still, but I was excited to get these few anyway! 

What a great weekend getaway.  We can't wait to return again soon!