Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 18

Things have been crazy around here.  Eli has been keeping me busy as we finish sorting out his sleep schedule, and Zach has been going through a growth spurt.  We've been super busy and I'm totally exhausted!  Even though my life is crazy, we are making time to make family memories together.  This week we hung around the house often, but we stayed busy! Elijah is really a happy boy, and I think having good sleeping habits is helping that.  He's showing a lot of alertness now and I am able to put him down to play now.  He's loving his play gym! He's also busy getting lots of love from his big brother.  He sure is spoiled!  
And, the photos...
Day 128- Jan 14.  Eli was warming up before going for a walk with mommy

Day 129- Jan 15- Eli was getting love from his brother, who was giving him a blanket

Day 130- Jan 16- I call this his flirty face.  He's looking mighty handsome in his yellow diaper!

Day 131- Jan 17- Playing again!

Day 132- Jan 18.  Hanging out.  I love this shirt on him!

Day 133- Jan 19.  He's loving the links on his playgym! 

Day 134- Jan 20.  Helping Mommy snap some photos for a certain holiday coming up.  This is just a preview of what's to come!