Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moldy air

For the 3+ years we've been living in this house, we have had these horrible and huge AC units in our houses.  They worked for awhile, but eventually they finally installed new ones that were better and didn't take up half the room.  They have been slowly removing the old ones from homes, and like always, we were one of the last ones to get ours taken out.  I was quite happy that they finally came, as it cleared a lot of space out of our rooms.  These were in all 3 of our bedrooms and in our living room.  The real kicker of getting these removed was seeing just how disgusting they were to begin with.  Moldy, rusted, and gross don't even begin to describe what was inside these units.  I am disgusted that i've been breathing this air in for so long.  And my children too!  Totally gross.  I cannot believe the military allows such a thing to happen after the water issues they've had in North Carolina.  It took them 3 1/2 hours to remove them, and they then finally came back and installed the fans I ordered over 3 years ago.  It was a busy day of maintenance in our house, but boy was it worth it!!

The inside!

look at all that rust!

There were spider webs in there too

This was the grossest part I think

The wall is totally gross under it

The nice guys taking another one out

Eli's room

Yep- this is my infant's bedroom

Zach's bedroom. 

Zach's room again.  My poor boy
The worst part?  After getting rid of them all there was mold.  What did they do to get rid of it?  Nothing.  They simply painted over it.  No bleach, no cleaning whatsoever.  They just painted it over.  I look forward to moving out of this moldy home someday!