Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go away? Come again another day!

It rains in Okinawa.  A lot.  If there's one thing I'm not going to miss about Okinawa it is the rainy season.  Last year it began early February and ended in June.  It's a long few months for someone who doesn't do well without Vitamin D.  Instead of being bummed about it this year, I decided to embrace it.  Who knows where we will be moving next.  It is very possible that we may be missing the rain someday.  So today, when it was rainy out, I took full advantage with my big boy.  We played outside in the rain together!  I've always loved rainy day photography so this was my chance to hop on that.  And what boy doesn't love jumping in puddles?  Not this boy!  Unfortunately it was also windy out, so the umbrella didn't work out too well.  I'm still learning a lot about photography so they didn't come out as perfect as I'd have liked but oh well!  We had fun!