Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas toy fun

My kids got spoiled this year by Santa.  Seriously, were they really that good?  I mean Eli was colicky for much of 2012, and Zach was- well his goofy self.  But alas, Santa spoiled them rotten.  With so much craziness of the holidays, they have barely played with all their new toys.  Now that the craziness is over, we've gotten to sit back and play with all our cool things.  
Uncle Ric got these blocks for him.  He loves building and lining them up.  He counts while doing it

Uncle Sasha and Auntie Katya got him this neat easel.  He loves to paint and color it with chalk!

Mommy got to play too...

Playing peek a boo with the neat Russian blocks from the grandparents.  While wearing his Mickey shirt from Uncle Fedya

I kid you not, he stacked them this high.  I did the bottom, he did all the top.  He would be the best Jenga player!