Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter egg hunt

Last year, our neighborhood put on a wonderful easter egg hunt for the kiddos.  Our great friend, Kelly, bought a trash bag full of eggs for super cheap and there must have been about 200+ eggs in it!  Unfortunately, she is gone now, but she was nice enough to leave them with Louise before leaving.  We all took turns filling a few dozen eggs, and bringing them back to Louise.  Cannon and Courtney (two of the older kids) were in charge of hiding the eggs.  Boy did they do a great job!
 The entrance gate
 Just a few eggs hidden
 Only in Oki do you see an egg in a Banana tree!
 This stone egg was hidden very well.  I was surprised it was found very quickly
Special golden egg!

And so, with a quick photo opp... they were off!
Check out Jude half awake here!  The look on Jeremy is priceless!

Last year, Z was only about 4 months or so for easter.  This year, he is old enough to walk around and find eggs.  I was so excited for this opportunity.  Though i'm not a huge easter lover, I do enjoy watching the kids get excited for their egg hunts.  I couldn't wait to watch Zach go!  Unfortunately, he was more interested in opening and closing the eggs then anything else.  He got mad at Daddy for taking the egg and putting it in the basket after he picked one up.  What a mean Daddy!
 Found an egg!  But he would not let it go!
Another one!
 Sydney, a girl on a mission!
Ford was very confused.

I love watching the kids open the eggs after they have collected them.  Watching their faces light up for candy, yen, stickers, or whatever else they got is priceless!
 Claire checking out her loot!
 Zach eating a chocolate.  He wasn't quite sure about it.  Guess that's a good thing!

 Our neighbors are pet sitting their friend's dog right now.  Her name is Carly, and she is huge and pathetic.  She is the sweetest dog, and I just love her to pieces.
Zach LOVES her.  He cracks up when he sees her and tries to wag her tail for her!  She needs the workout!

We had a great easter egg hunt, followed by another egg hunt the following morning with Dima's unit.  I am really beginning to love this holiday.  It's funny how kids change your view of so much!  Holidays are so much more fun with a little one!  I can't wait to welcome another baby into this world in a few short months to double the fun.

Hope you all have/had a great easter!