Sunday, April 22, 2012

Caught red handed!

Life with a toddler is certainly an interesting one.  There is always something in our day that cracks me up and makes me that much happier to be a parent.  They say even the bad can be laughed about later on in life.  The near heart attacks that your children put you through can be joked about years in the future.  Today was one of those days.  
This afternoon Dima and I were happily working on lunches when Dima jumped and ran to Zach.  It was then that I saw it.  Blood spewing everywhere on my very white tile floor.  I freaked and ran to him as well.  There is red dripping everywhere from his tiny little mouth.  How can so much blood come from such a little boy?  It was then that we realized there's no blood. It's red food dye.  Zach had gotten into the pantry and found the red food dye that fell on the floor from the top shelf.  He put it in his mouth and it opened and squirted all over.  It was all over my floor.  It looked like a murder scene.  It was on Zach and Dima's hands.  On Zach's nice jeans and his white shirt.  What a mess!  

Oh, the irony behind this shirt.  Zach is very confused about why Mommy and Daddy are freaking out.

A very red hand

What is on my hand Dad?

Red- my favorite color!  

Thank you to Zach for making my life that much more interesting.  We certainly don't have a dull moment around here with this boy.  If this is any indication of April fool's trickery in the future- Mommy and Daddy are in big trouble!