Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday gone wrong

As you know, I married an amazing man who is also Russian.  Because of that, he celebrates some holidays on a different calendar then others do.  Last year, Easter happened to be the same day for both of us, but this year Russian Easter happened to follow Catholic Easter by a week.  We did our Easter egg hunts with everyone else, but the Easter bunny decided to come to us on Russian Easter instead.  

I used to love dying Easter eggs with my family as a kid.  My Mom was always really great at making multi colored eggs, and through the years my brother got pretty good too.  Unfortunately, I never mastered the tricks they did, but I try.  Unfortunately, Dima never got the memo that dying easter eggs is supposed to be an artistic thing!  He simply put one egg into each cup and said we were done.  That's not how to dye easter eggs!!  Dipping half an egg in one color and half in another is all part of the fun!  Maybe next year.  In the meantime, I had fun showing Zach how to decorate the ONE egg Dima didn't shove in dye right away with a little spinner from Louise.  
Dima, shoving the eggs in each cup.  You live you learn!

Easter consists of many days and nights at church for Dima.  Because of the time, it is not possible for Zach or I to join in.  I still need my much needed pregnancy sleep, even as far along as I am now.  Zach naps in the afternoons and goes to bed at 6:30.  So Dima went solo to all of the services.  Church consisted of Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and again Saturday night.  His Saturday night service is long and goes past midnight.  
Dima all dressed up in a new suit (custom from Korea) for Saturday night's service.  I sure did get a handsome man! 

This morning, the Easter bunny came!  The Easter bunny came last year, but Zach wasn't very interested because he was only 4 months old.  This year he had a ball taking the toys out and putting them back in.  He got spoiled and got chalk, a bubble gun, two ball maze games, an alligator car, some plastic eggs to open and close, chocolate cockroaches, and Cadbury cream eggs (for mommy and baby)!
Neko wouldn't leave his side!

We followed this with a brunch at the O club, but had a difficult time.  This morning, Zach woke up with some pain in his eye.  He kept rubbing them and screaming and crying.  After his nap, we decided enough was enough.  It was time to bring him for his very first visit to the ER.  Eyes are just not something to mess with.  The trip was surprisingly quick which is important with a toddler who's in pain.  The doctor assumed it was pink eye and gave us some ointment for it, but she wasn't sure without looking closer.  We weren't 100% convinced but figured we'll give it a day or so before going back.  
Unfortunately, this Easter wasn't the best for us, but we made the best of it.  Maybe next year.  It will certainly be fun next year with a 2 year old and an infant.  

Happy Easter to all!