Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandpa Steve's last day

We've kept busy the last few days/nights with my dad here!  We went out to eat at a super yummy Brazilian place nearby and had the most amazing grilled pineapple ever.  We explored ETWS- a Japanese type version of spencers, linens and things, and a toy store all in one.  Went to a 100 yen store and found a great clothing store similar to Banana Republic next door.  Grilled at home and had a great dinner together.  And finally got to go to one of the restaurants i've been dying to eat at since moving here- Som Chai!  I am kicking myself for not having visited earlier!  It was without a doubt the best Thai food i've ever had!
Today, we revisited the clothing store, because Dad had seen a really nice jacket he wanted to buy before leaving.  While we were there, we went to an Aeon grocery store for some lunch because Dima had suggested it.  We were not disappointed!  They had rows and rows of yummy Japanese treats to grab.  We ended up having a tuna roll, inari (fried bean curd wrapped around sticky rice), crab tempura, some kind of crab patty, a fried battered fish of some sort, a huge block of tofu, and tons of other great things.  The food was so great and only cost 750 yen (about 9 dollars).  Zach loved the tofu!  He is really going to miss Japan when we move!
After a nap, we headed to comprehensive park for a stroll and playtime for Z.  Japanese parks are so much fun.  I just wish Zach was a little older to really enjoy them like he could.  Once again, I will say it.  He is really going to miss Japan when we move!
Going down the slide with Grandpa Steve.  He LOVES the slide!
 All the neat things at the playground and Zach was more interested in the leaves!
 Another slide!  Oh what fun!
 Looking at the ducks.  But he was much more interested in the leaves.
We brought some bubbles with us, but he was far more interested in the packaging it came in then the bubbles we blew!
Playing on a climbing rope/trampoline.  He was disgustingly black after this!

And so, we had a wonderful visit.  It is always sad to say goodbye to family after they visit.  Luckily, we will be in the states in just about a month now!  Can't wait to be re-united with grandpa steve again!