Saturday, March 17, 2012

Okuma- day 1

Now that you know that the Stepanoff family is expecting a new little bundle of joy, you have probably figured out why i've been so tired!  It's been a long 14 weeks, and I had really been needing a well deserved break.  Dima had spent the last 2 months in the freezing cold of Korea, working insane hours and sleeping in a tent.  We both needed a little vacation!  When we heard that Dima was getting a 96 (4 day) this weekend, we knew this was our chance to unwind after a long few months.  Since travel off this island is very expensive, and we had 2 days notice, we knew we had to stay close.  Where do most people go when they want a little island getaway?  OKUMA!
Okuma is a resort way up on the northern part of the island.  It is only for military and sits on a peninsula surrounded by two beautiful beaches.  There are many water sports to take place in, but because it's not quite warm enough, we had to skip all water fun.  We took advantage of this weekend to relax as a family and have fun.  
We arrived and were put in a very small room.  It is only now that I realize that a small room just doesn't cut it anymore with a toddler in our lives.  We realized that we now need two rooms to be comfortable.  That way, when Zach goes to bed, we can go to bed in the other room and hang out before we go to bed.  But in a single, we can't do that!  Unfortunately, because this was planned last minute, it's what we were stuck in for our first night.  It was a eye opening experience for our upcoming trip to Tokyo.  Lesson learned!
Once we were unpacked we went out to walk and explore a little.  The first stop after a long drive with a 1 year old?  The park, of course!
Going down the slide with Dada!

Excited about a new park.  I can't believe how big he looks walking!

Couldn't be happier!

After a wonderful trip at the park, we took a walk to a very small beach where nobody was around! This was the first time Zach has gotten to really see the ocean since he was old enough to walk around and enjoy it!  He was very confused, but I'm confident he will love it as much as we do when it warms up!
He's deep in thought about this very big bath tub!

Hey Mom!

We continued on a walk along Okuma, taking in the sites.  I promise I did not edit any of these photos!  This is how beautiful it is in Okinawa!
Okuma beach

Playing with Daddy on a walk

A beautiful day ends in a beautiful sunset.  

We had a bit of a tough time getting Zach to sleep that night, as he's never slept anywhere but in his crib. And in a single room?  Not easy!  Luckily, we brought our amazing baby monitor and we were able to walk outside and relax on the beach after he finally went to sleep.  It was a beautiful night, and we spent it looking at stars (we can't see the stars from our house) and talking.  I am so lucky to have a marriage that can consist of sitting on a beach and talking for 3 hours straight.  
And so, we rested our heads for the exciting aventure that awaited us the next day!