Friday, March 9, 2012

best buds

Just a few days before my c section, I began to get really worried about how the dog was going to react to the new baby when we came home from the hospital.  Was he going to destroy everything in the house in order to get our attention?  Would he try to jump on the baby?  Claw him in the face?  I spent a lot of sleepless nights worried about this meeting.

As it ended up, we brought Neko outside to meet the new addition when we came home from the hospital.  And what did he do?  He wagged his tail and started licking the baby's face.  Zach learned very quickly how to push the dog's face away when he'd had enough.

And so for the first 6 months or so, the dog constantly gave the baby attention and kisses.  As Zach got bigger, and began to sit up, stand up, and eventually walk-things have changed quite a lot.  Now, the innocent dog will be laying on the ground, and Zach will jump on him for big hugs.  He pulls his tail, ears, and tortures him in more ways then I could name.

Does the dog complain?  Not a bit.  Because he loves his little brother to death.  Not to mention the baby drops food on the floor during mealtimes for him.  The two are inseparable.  Once you find one, you find the other right by his side.  Now I understand what they mean about a boy and his dog.  This photo is proof of this exact point.  Of all the space in the house, neko has to lay down right where Zach is standing.  And Zach has to stand right next to Neko.
Despite the looks we're being given here, they were quite happy here.  They're giving the, "mom we're playing leave us alone" look.

It is comforting to know they love each other so much.  It's much worse when Daddy is home to join in the fun!