Sunday, April 14, 2013

Elijah 365- part 30

My how time flies.  With the move coming up so soon, we have spent much time at home and just be bopping around.  Dima sold his car, so we are down to one now so I can't even go out during the day.  We will be glad when it's all over.  On the bright side, Eli doesn't seem phased.  He's happy as a clam playing with his doggy and big brother!  

Day 212- April 8.  Pet sitting for a friend's dog while she was about to move.  The boys loved her!

Day 213- April 9.  Daddy and Eli about to go take a tubby

Day 214- April 10.  Loves swinging on that pink swing!

Day 215- April 11.  Handsome boy playing with his toys

Day 216- April 12.  Ready for bed!

Day 217- April 13.  Out for lunch on the water!

Day 218- April 14.  He's going to miss eating purple potatoes in the states.  He loves them mixed with organic turkey