Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 2013 photos

My computer goes bye bye for 4+ weeks tomorrow.  So I'm in a bit of a rush to get these photos posted while I still can!  I will miss you imac!  See you in America!  

Here are some photos from our month so far!

Zach climbed into his old jumperoo

Goofy boys!!

I was taking photos of Eli and Zach kept saying "Cheese!  Mama!  Cheese!" because he wanted me to take some of him too!

Grilling in the dog's cage... no biggie.

The poor dog puts up with so much.  Zach was piling every blanket and pillow onto him

He as begging me to take his photo

I don't have words

Playing on the playground

Swinging brothers

Playing with Daddy.  Yes the swing is pink.  It's not ours

He was being silly

Magic Zach

Reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to Mommy

Eating the dog's tail

Cuddling Neko

Zach took this one

Three boys in a dog cage.

Zach stole my camera.  I've been finding lots like this

Little feet.  Again... Zach's photo

After eating some southern BBQ

It was good

Had to go to the japanese kid's store.  Got lots of goodies.  The shirt has a mouth that opens.  We also got chopsticks and  ampaman stuff galore.  He even got bandaids. 

This new potty sings in Japanese and plays music.  I had to get it.

Eli helping me pack

There's much more to this then meets the eye.  Long story.  But yeah... me in my green on green about to "workout"  (no not really)

The pot holes in Japan all have different designs on them.  This is the one from the town we live in

Beautiful flowers on my run.  My favorite flower!

Zach took this.  It would've been a great one if brother was looking!

Took out one of the portable cribs.  Zach knows how to climb in and out of it.

After "running" a race with Mommy and Daddy.  Wearing his medal at the finish line saying "WOO HOO!"

Zach and Daddy at the finish line

Love this one of my littlest man and I

Ran this Autism run with the family.  Can't wait to do more in Virginia