Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stepanoff Accomplishments

2012 has truly been quite a year so far for the Stepanoff family.  It started out a bit rocky, but I am happy to report that we have accomplished so much in the past 9 months.  We have all worked hard to accomplish our goals this year, and are happy to report them to you today.

Mommy found out she was pregnant (January)
Zach turned 1 (January)
Dima learned he was being promoted (February)
We went to Tokyo finally (May)
We went to America to watch Dima's brother get married (May)
We learned we are having another boy (May)
Krimp turned 25 (June)
Dima hit 4 years with the Marine Corps (July)
Krimp ran a 5k race in 34 minutes while 8 months pregnant (July)
Dima turned 27 (August)
Krimp Graduated (August)

And to add on.......
 Dima will be pinning on Captain October 1st
Dima has been career designated

Wow!  What a year so far.  And baby has not even been born yet!

As for our most recent news, this is something very big for our family.  Not only is it wonderful that he will be promoted after some very hard work in the Marines, but the career designation is a huge deal.  For the past few months, we've been a bit confused and stressed about what was next for us.  We have been in Okinawa now for over 2 1/2 years, and are scheduled to leave this December.  What was next for us?  Was Dima going to get out of the Marine Corps and be a civilian again?  Or was Dima going to stay in to continue his career?  While either would have worked for our family, the Marine Corps is not over for our family yet.  We both feel as if there is still more for our family inside the Marine Corps.  That being said, Dima has chosen to accept the career designation offer.  He officially no longer has an end of service obligation and will continue to be a Marine until he feels he's had enough. 
As for what that means for moving?  We do not yet know.  We should be finding out in the next month or so what is going to happen.  It is possible that we could be moving as early as November back to America.  It could be a bit later as well.  We will see what is in the cards for us before announcing it.  As for where?  Again, we don't yet know that either.  It should be another month at least before we learn that.  We are ecstatic about moving.  We have loved our time in Okinawa so far.  We have met some amazing people here and our lives have changed more then one could ever imagine.  We came here as newlyweds with nothing and are leaving with two wonderful children and the experience of a lifetime.  But after being here so long, we have officially watched almost every single one of our friends leave.  There are very few left, and those who are left are leaving shortly as well.  We are excited to open the new chapter of our lives, wherever that may be.  In the meantime, please join me in sending congratulations to my amazing husband on his accomplishments.  We are so proud of you, and cannot wait to embark on our new adventure!