Friday, September 21, 2012

Our water broke!

I know what you're thinking with this title... I had the baby already!  How can my water break?!  Don't worry, another baby is very far away right now (if at all for that matter).  Instead, we are sharing the story of our neighborhood's water break!
On monday we realized we were without water.  We couldn't flush toilets or even do laundry.  Perfect timing, as Elijah had just had his newborn shoot and peed on a LOT of blankets!  Turns out, they were doing some repair work down the hill and a pipe broke.  We were without water for about 12 hours.  
When we woke up on tuesday morning, we were very excited to have water running again.  I had time to begin a load of laundry and get a few things done that required water.  I then sat down with Elijah to nurse (which is a constant occurance these days- just like his brother he LOVES to eat!  There was a quick knock on our door followed by our friend Jess yelling to fill up any containers we had because there was a huge water break in front of Ashley's house.  And a huge water break it was.  Dima ran out to help Ashley and take photos of what was going on, while i filled bathtubs and every container in our house.  I even had time to start a load of dishes in the dishwasher and take a very very quick shower!  
When I finished the rush to save our water, I finally got to see what had happened.  A mess doesn't even cover what happened.  
Just opening the door I could already hear the water flowing like a waterfall!  When I got closer, I saw rocks going all the way down the hill.  The sidewalk had even shifted from the pressure of the water.  Just sanding on the sidewalk felt like an earthquake!  
Don't go chasing waterfalls

Guess she doesn't need to water her plants

About an hour later, they came and shut the water off.  They then cleaned the rocks up and left.  Um, we were still without water!  Eventually, after the Japanese had their lunch (they take their time having lunch, often napping in the front yard during their break) they came back and got to work.  They dug a huge hole in the front of poor Ashley's house the size of a swimming pool with a deep end.  Eventually, at around 4pm we had water once again.  But quite a mess in front of Ashley's house.  We are just waiting for this to happen again.  Here's to hoping!

the sidewalk actually had shifted

the pipe was in there somewhere

looks like an earthquake