Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LOTS to finish!

Zach gearing up for the weekend with Mommy and Daddy's protein powder
 As we fast approach the end of my pregnancy, we have both felt a rush to get things done before baby is born.  The house is clean and prepped for baby's arrival for the most part (minus some decorating in baby's room!) and we are in the process of mentally preparing for another newborn.  In our prep, we are crossing off the final things from our list.  And this weekend has really been a busy one in that department so far, with much more to come soon! 
The first thing we crossed off our list was flying a kite.  This was actually done last week, just before the typhoon came.  We figured flying a kite just hours before a typhoon was a great idea with an infant.  So we headed out to the front yard with our new kite!  Unfortunately, the wind was kind of funky that morning.  It would be strong for a little bit, but then there would be no wind, causing our kite to fall down.  But in any case, we flew a kite outside.  A flying monkey kite at that!  We look forward to using it again!
Who wouldn't want a flying monkey kite?

Daddy trying to get it going

It was only in the air for a short time
Next up was tye dying.  When I was a kid, I seemed to tye dye a lot.  I was a girl scout, and we always took advantage of this past time.  When I got older, I was able to tye dye once a week at summer camp.  But here in Okinawa, I had not yet done this summer task.  I tried and tried to get RIT dye at the "craft" store on the island, but they had been out since June.  FINALLY they got a shipment in and I was able to tye dye!  We dyed clothes for the baby, a polo for Zach, and some of mommy's old clothes that had some stains.  One is a maternity shirt that was too big, so it may go to the thrift shop or pregnant friends down the road.  We invited some of the neighbors to dye with us who had never done it before.  I hope their stuff came out good! 

Mommy's shirt and shorts

Zach's polo and some onesies for the baby

Claire and Ben's shirts

Natalie's clothes
Popcorn balls were also on our list.  I remember popcorn being something I ate a lot of in the summertime as a kid.  I don't eat much popcorn these days, as I'm a cleaner eater now.  But I do believe in once in awhile indulgences in moderation, and this was just what that was.  Dima invited a friend of his from work over for lunch, which was the perfect excuse for some popcorn balls.  It was also Dima's excuse to get some Madden in with his friend!
mommy's caprese salads
The boys brought over a skateboard and their helmet.  Zach loved the helmet!

Silly boy.

Caramel popcorn balls

For the first time EVER Dima was beat at Madden.  Look at the score and the fact that it was the 3rd quarter!
A very exciting one to cross off was a slip and slide.  This was a neighborhood effort, as our neighbors the McDaniels and the Snyders got to join us in the fun!  Zach had SO much fun.  He is completely fearless going down the slide, and he had a ball the entire time.  Who am I kidding?  We ALL had fun.  Yes, 1 week away from my due date, I too went down the slip n slide! 
Mom, you're embarrassing me.  Let me play!


Ready to go!

I love this!


He LOVES to "wash wash wash" 

He loves washing his hands

He loves splashing around at the bottom!

Snuggling with Ms. Courtney

Daddy had a little bit too much fun playing with the hose!
 After our slip and slide fun we were invited to our friends, Jon & Alicia's for dinner.  They are both great cooks and cooked up an amazing Thai dinner (my favorite!) for us.  They are a dual Air Force couple, and are both about to leave for a few weeks.  They will both be gone for our new arrival and wanted to have us over to enjoy some adult time before welcoming a newborn.  They had originally planned on making mojitos for the non-pregnant drinkers but my mint plant died from the typhoon.  Instead, we crossed another thing off our list- Pina Coladas!  Alicia was nice enough to make a non-alcoholic version for me.  They were wonderful!  One of my favorite drinks by far, though best with the booze!
And so ends another day of our weekend.  If you can believe it, we still have one more day of the weekend to cross more off our list!  More to come soon!  In the meantime, we are very close to the end of our list!  If I didn't go into labor by now with all of this fun then I don't think I ever will!

Stepanoff Summer Sixty Checkoff:
Fly a Kite
Tye Dye
Slip n slide
Popcorn balls
Pina Coladas