Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of summer/start of fall!

Wow, can you believe it's already the fall?  On Sept 22nd, we officially entered the beginning of fall.  That means that the Summer 60 is officially over!  Right before we approached the 22nd, we decided to cross one final thing off our list- the Aquarium!
The Okinawa aquarium is like no other.  It is the second largest aquarium in the world!  The best part of  the Okinawa aquarium of course is the whale sharks and manta rays.  You can sit and have lunch with them.  Zach loved watching the fishies swim by and devoured all of the food he was given!  We had a great time, probably our last trip there before the big move in a few months!
The mist here confused him at the entrance!

Who doesn't want a pair of shoes with tails??!!

Touching the sea snakes and sea stars!  He was more interested in splashing the water!

Fishy Fishy!

Shark Attack!

Daddy and Zach got swallowed by a shark!

Whale sharks

Manta Rays

Having lunch- he devoured his entire hot dog and pita, plus ate some of daddy & mommy's food!

Elijah being offered to the whale sharks

He wouldn't stop eating in the car!  

And so Stepanoff Summer 60 is officially over.  Unfortunately, we did not finish everything.  We did not play ladder golf (one of the neighborhood boys lost some of the balls awhile ago).  We did not get to do sidewalk body outlines (you try getting a toddler to sit still).  We also didn't get to make giant bubbles.  Can you believe they don't sell wire coat hangers here?  And not a single friend had any!  We didn't get to have a water gun fight.  None of the neighborhood boys wanted to share their guns and Zach hasn't exactly understood how to use a gun, not a bad thing.  So all in all, out of 60 things, we only missed four things!  Pretty impressive considering I was very pregnant all summer and have a toddler!

The beginning of fall is now upon us.  I celebrated by making some yummy grain free pumpkin muffins and began brainstorming what we will be doing this fall.  I'd love to set up something like the summer sixty, but decided it will have to be a shorter list. For one, okinawa does not exactly have the fall type activities that America has.  No pumpkin and apple picking when it's still 85 degrees out!   I also just had a baby so it may be hard to get as much done.  We will most likely be planning a very quick move in the next few months as well, so the timing of a lengthy list is just not in the cards right now.  Instead, I decided on a short list- the Fall Five.  

Fall Fun Five
Decorate for fall
Fall feast (fall themed foods and of course Oktoberfest)
Carve Pumpkins
Thankful tree
"Boo" a friend/neighbor

Here's to a fabulous fall!