Sunday, September 9, 2012

A picnic and a puzzle

Zach is gearing up for his new baby brother
This is it.  our final weekend as a family of three.  We are now crossing more and more off our summer list and that's what much of this weekend was spent doing.  First up?  An outdoor picnic.  It is very hot out, so we decided to keep this quick and in our own back yard.  Being almost 39 weeks pregnant, this was the good choice for me.  Not to mention easier for a bald toddler.

Eating his hot dog

He's learning how to use a fork
 Another thing on our list this summer has been a puzzle.  My mom and brother used to do puzzles together in the summertime, so this was kind of like an old past time.   We chose a 1000 piece puzzle of Asakusa, a shrine we visited in Tokyo in April.  It was one of my favorite parts of Tokyo so this was a particularly special puzzle.  The problem?  The puzzle also read, "World's smallest 1000 piece puzzle!" And boy were they right!  The puzzle measured only about a foot wide.  It was challenging, but I don't hesitate to say that we both had fun doing it.  Dima was determined to finish this puzzle and was hard working at it even when I was too busy to!  I see more puzzles in our future!  It was a nice little date night to watch How I met Your Mother while working together!  And with the end of our puzzle, we go in the morning to have our second son!
Hard at work!
DONE!  (Yes a piece is missing, we will eventually find it)