Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elijah 365- The beginning

As you recall, a year and a half ago I began a little photo journey.  It involved taking a photo of Zach every single day for an entire year.  365 photos of Zach.  The whole purpose of it was to document as much of the first year as possible.  Since our families are over 7,000 miles away and in different time zones, it was a much appreciated journey to take.  I succeeded in my journey.  I am proud to say that a photo was taken EVERY day.  In the end I even created a beautiful photo album with all the photos!  Sometimes it was a bit hard, as life would get in the way and I would often forget until the last moment.  It was also very repetitive, some days we had nothing exciting to show but Zach in his bouncer or eating dinner for days in a row.  But I stuck my guns and successfully completed mission 365. 
I am writing today with the same goal in mind.  A photo of Elijah every day for a year.  I imagine it will be much harder this time with two boys under 2, but know the end result will be just as rewarding.  And so begins another eventful year!
Day 1- Introducing Elijah Stepanoff! 6 lbs, 4 oz, 19.5 inches long

Day 2- meeting big brother Zach!

Day 3- Mommy and Daddy, ready to leave the hospital!
Day 4- Elijah loves his spacey swing!
Day 5- at the hospital for a check up! Elijah gained 2 oz since we checked out.  5 lbs, 14 oz here!

Day 6- Newborn Elijah!

Day 7- snuggles with Daddy!

Day 8- having our newborn shoot today!  Elijah was a pain and would not sleep like we needed!

Day 9- Daddy and his boys!

Day 10- Elijah at the park so big brother could play!