Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stepanoff Summer Sixty!

Summer is my favorite time of year.  I have wonderful memories of my summer vacation breaks with my family.  My mom was great at getting us out of the house and enjoying the weather while we can.  Unfortunately, the nice weather only lasted a short amount of time in Connecticut before the leaves started to change and snow quickly followed.  I remember spending most of our days in our pool in the backyard, but about once a week we ventured out to some new adventure.  Amusement parks, beaches, museums, you name it- we did it.  Summer was the best time of year, and my family is what made those memories so happy for me.  
And that's why I now sit here, with a family of my own, wondering what in the world I could do to make my children's memories of summer as happy as mine.  We don't have many of the amenities that I had as a kid for fun activities, but we have some very unique ones in place of them.  And so it came to me- a summer to do list.  So here I sat, thinking of some of the things that make a summer so special to me.  
The result?  The Stepanoff Sixty!  This will be our to-do for this summer and those that follow.  I hope to expand on it in the years to come to accommodate my growing family and the unique places we will move to.  These are the things that we hope to get done this summer.  I embark on my summer with excitement to cross these items off of our list and make summer memories with my family!

Stepanoff Summer Sixty
Finger Paint
Make popsicles
Backyard movie night
Sidewalk Chalk
Ladder Golf
Indoor play park
Obstacle course
Game night
Fly a kite
Write a book
Farmer’s Market
Movie night
Make a fort
Breakfast for Dinner
Bake cookies for friends
Bon fire
Handprint art
Pillow fight
Make pizza
Dance party
Slip n slide
Try a new food
Breakfast picnic
Bathtub paint
Giant bubbles
Dog beach
Make milkshakes
Family pictures
100 Yen store
Popcorn balls
Trace bodies
Face Paint
Tie Dye shirts
Story Time
Take the dog for a walk
Downstairs sleepover
Water gun fight
Make Ice Cream
Neighborhood drinking game
Read a girly novel
Send a letter to family
Water Balloon Fight
PJ day
Christmas in July
Pina Coladas