Tuesday, June 19, 2012

checking in!

I have been seriously slacking on posts over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, we spent a week dealing with a bad diaper rash followed by a bug of some sort that we all caught.  I actually ended up in the hospital hooked up to an IV!  It's been a long few weeks and we're hoping the worst has passed!  In the meantime, here are a few photos of the last few weeks to keep ya'll updated on the happenings of the Stepanoff family!
 Finger painting in a Ziploc bag with the doggie
 My boys laying around watching a movie
 Zach's diaper rash was bleeding badly at this point and we brought him to the hospital shortly after.  He was naked a LOT around the house to help it go away!
 Daddy had a mess night for work.  Here are the boys in front of my house saying goodbye
 We finally had ONE single day of sun.  We took advantage by having a pants less pool party in the front yard.  Don't worry, only Zach was pants less!  
 Sipping some water from his new Lollacup- thanks uncle Fedya!
 Went to the neighbor's daughter's birthday party.  Here is her son, Ben getting the slip and slide ready
 Zach chomping down on celery at the party.  Unfortunately he got sick after this and we had to bring him home.  He still had the bug!
 Claire- the birthday girl blowing up a floaty!
 Went to a Shabu-Shabu place for father's day.  It was not as good as in Tokyo, but for the price for a local place- it was great.  We got to pick 2 sauces and chose korean and japanese.  Our meals came with lots of meat and we ordered some extra veggies to cook in the sauces.  Zach chowed down!
 Zach and Daddy
Dima blowing on Zach's food- Zach greedy for more

Pregnancy news:
I had a checkup about 2 weeks ago.  Looks like everything is going well, but I was a bit underweight for where I should be at this point.  No worry though, as baby has developed right on target.  When we all caught a bug, I got very dehydrated even though I was drinking over a gallon of water every day.  I lost almost 5 pounds from getting sick and ended up having some contractions as a result of the dehydration.  I was sent to Labor and Delivery and was hooked up to an IV for a few hours.  The baby was monitored using a contraction monitor and fetal heart beat monitor.  I was released after a short amount of time with a bottle of medication and an order to increase my fluid intake AGAIN.  Luckily, it seems the worst is over and baby is still doing great.  
We are still planning a repeat c-section because of the age difference, but no date has been set yet.  
We are just starting to get everything in order for the baby.  We have painted the nursery back to white so we don't have to paint again before moving.  We have a crib ordered and have a dresser in the room already.  Now we will be organizing some of Zach's old things and decorating the nursery.  Less than 3 months until we meet our new boy, so it's time to start preparing as we are days from the final trimester!  I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by!  

We will continue to update this blog now that we have all recovered!  We are looking forward to a few things over the next few weeks that we will update ya'll on!