Friday, June 29, 2012

Chilling by the beach and an epic fail!

Today Dima's unit had a required fun beach bash.  It was a beautiful day-perfect for the beach so we headed down to Araha to join the festivities.  We spent our time chatting with some friends and avoiding the very hot sun.  Eventually it was time to leave and Zach decided he's rather just stay and chill...
Yep- That's my kid in a cooler of ice.  In all fairness it was very hot!  

After a nap, we decided to try to cross something off of our Stepanoff Summer Sixty: Geocaching.  For those who don't know, geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt.  It involves using a GPS to find containers that others have hidden.  They are everywhere.  All over the world, even in the middle of nowhere.  Just go online and search for one in your area- I promise there is one near you!  
We hit up our computers and found one very close to our house and headed out the door in just a few minutes.  We downloaded an application to our iphones for geocaching and headed in the right direction.  
There was a hint for this clue, called "Lexie's Leap Year Cafe."  It said: "I would try searching one of those things you see all over Okinawa.  Even in the middle of nowhere.  Now only if I had some yen." Our iphones brought us to a Starbucks in American Village where there were many Japanese people.  It was quite interesting to see the Japanese stare at us.  We were surely a spectacle.  A young man pushing a stroller with a very cute baby and his 7 month pregnant wife ducking and walking around with iphones.  With the clue, we had one very good guess as to where this Cache was- a vending machine.  Vending machines are seriously everywhere in Japan.  You could be going down an empty sugar cane field and suddenly see one on the side of the road.  This was our best guess so we searched it up and down.  We ducked, jumped, and poked all over this darn machine and found nothing after at least 15 minutes of searching.  Eventually, we assumed it was moved or we failed.  In any case, we did not accomplish anything on our Stepanoff Summer Sixty today.  
Our Cache ended up bring us right outside our house to American Village- a tourist landmark in Okinawa

Dima pushing Zach, headed toward the supposed cache

After our failed attempt, we headed home for dinner.  After Dinner, we sat in the front with a few friends and chatted.  While doing this, we had our new video baby monitor next to us.  It has been so much fun watching Zach on this thing.  We were never able to see him before, but now we can watch as he falls asleep.  It is without a doubt our new favorite form of night time entertainment.  Who needs tv when you can watch a 17 month old?  
I once glanced at the monitor and saw Zach standing in the corner of his crib with his blanket on his head like a ghost.  He stood like this for about 5 minutes.  Eventually, he dove head first into his mattress.  His head was pressed into the mattress, his knees and legs on the mattress, and his butt in the air, face down.  He stayed still like this for at least 2 minutes (blanket still on his head) and I assumed he had fallen asleep.  He then stands up, puts the blanket back on his head, and walks right into the side of the crib and falls over.  That's my kid.  
Eventually he did fall asleep.  I have always said he sleeps in the weirdest positions- tonight was no exception by far.  
Arms up, feet sticking out of his crib.  Some nights he gets his thighs stuck, tonight was not one of those nights.

Even though we didn't accomplish anything today, I will gladly say that we enjoyed ourselves in the hunt.  We will try again in the near future- as this was a really fun activity!  I encourage you all to try Geocaching!