Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Pampering

Today is my birthday!  I spent the morning saying goodbye to Dima, as he is off to Korea.  Don't worry, he won't be gone very long at all!  Since he was going, I decided it was a perfect excuse to pamper myself for once.  A mama needs the occasional pampering and what better way to do it then with a trip to Cocok's!  
Cocok's is a Japanese nail salon- only 10x better then in America.  It is beautifully decorated with a calming/island influence and they serve the most amazing ice tea!  But that's not the best thing about Cocok's.  No, far from.  The best thing is in the nail art they give.  It cost about 3900 yen for a pedicure (which in American dollars equals to about 43 dollars-eek!) so Cocok's is a once a month trip for most. Of course those beautiful pedicures usually last that entire month!  Unless you're 7 months pregnant in the summer that is (hair and nails grow super fast in the summer and even faster when you're pregnant).  
One of the other great things about a Cocok's pedicure is the massage.  When you first sit down you get to pick an oil scent from the large book they give you.  Unfortunately, many of them are not allowed when pregnant because they can cause contractions so my choices were limited.  That oil is then used in an amazingly long foot and leg massage.  
And that's exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  Some peace and quiet while being pampered for once.  And thanks to my great friend, Jess, I had someone to play with Zach while I enjoyed my day.  

When you first sit down at Cocok's you are handed the book.  And by the Book, I mean a very large and heavy book to go through and pick the design on your feet.  These designs can easily be changed to accommodate a different background color or even the flowers can be changed.  You name it- they can do it.  
This is only one of the books I was handed.  I was handed 2 books!  This one was about 25 pages and was light compared to the other one.  
Just one page of nail art to choose from!  It can be a bit overwhelming at times- there are simply so many to choose from!
While you look through the books, your feet are filed then soaked in a warm bath.  In the meantime, they grab the oil you requested (I chose coconut) and begin your massage while you sip ice tea and look through the nail art.  Unfortunately this is where my photos stop, as I got distracted and didn't take any more photos. 
I usually go into Cocok's with some kind of idea of what I want for my nail's design.  This time I wanted something BRIGHT and fun.  My vision included a white background with some orange, yellow, and pink hibiscus flowers.  Surprisingly I did not find anything in the book that fit that description.  Instead, I took out my handy iphone and typed "white, pink, orange, yellow nail art" and up popped a beautiful photo that was almost exactly what I wanted!  I asked them to change a few things on it to my liking and they gladly did just that.  Not hibiscus flowers, but hey I'll take it!  I'll have to remember the iphone in the future!  
My finished artwork.  I love the fresh and fun colors!  Just my kind of style this time of year!
Please excuse the ugly feet- I had not yet gotten any sun.  I now have a flip flop tan for the first time in my life.  

And so, even though I didn't have a handsome hubby to lay down to that evening, I did have a little chance at relaxation today.  I cannot wait to get another pedicure before baby is born as a "push present" to myself!  

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