Friday, June 22, 2012

iphone photo journey

Just doing some Mac-cleanup today and stumbled upon a bunch of iphone photos that I've yet to share. These are from the span of over a year and I cannot believe it's taken me so long to upload some of them!  My time sure does fly with a toddler and another on the way!
only in japan do you see a pink car with pink rims.  I've actually seen funnier cars then this!

Neko seriously thinks he's a lap dog!

Zach was just a month old here playing with the neighbor's daughter, Nola

Oh the burrito wrap days!  We will re-live this all soon!

Swinging around with Daddy!

Lunch with my boys

What in the world are these?  Mom have you seen these?

Zach and some of his friends.  He was JUST learning to sit up

A boy and his doggie

Gotta love okinawa

Playing with his girlfriend, Kiera.  Hopefully he won't catch these habits early

My skeleton boy!

My garden was just starting to bloom.  It's since exploded with color and is about 5x this size!

Karate kid

Our bar.  This was one piece of furniture Dima requested before moving and we finally got it.  The top opens up to make the top of the bar bigger.

Playing at co-op

Again, playing while mommy works out

Our neighbor, Tim eating a massive sugar shocked cookie at christmas

Mom i'm playing with pooh!

happy boy at breakfast

I love this picture because it looks like he's pooping

Snack time in the front with mommy

Playing in the ball pit at Mihama kid's park.  Don't worry- Japanese ball pits are so safe!

With his girlfriend, Eiley while mommy works out.  They are just 4 days apart

Sliding with my dad at the park

Gosh I love Japanese supermarkets!  I was in heaven here!

his first and last trip in a police car!

about to go for a walk in the rain for babies.  We did a 5k March of Dimes to raise money for babies!

easter egg hung with mommy's running group!

Easter eggs at daddy's work party!

Forget this...

Where's the rest of the candy?

I don't blame him at all!

About to take off on our trip to Tokyo

with his uncle Fedya


Fast asleep at Disneyland Tokyo!

In Japan, they have these little seats for the baby to sit in while mommy goes potty.  They are such a life saver, as baby is not crawling around on the dirty floor!

Went to Alice in Wonderland's banquet hall for lunch in Disneyland

Playing with the red heart

An unbirthday cake for my unbirthday!

Zach playing while we rested in Tokyo

Riding his uncle's motorcycle

At the nature center in Norwalk, CT

He loves pushing his stroller!


Trying out some massage chairs!  This one was just his size

yep, that's my husband, warming his wet butt

Leave it to housing in Japan.  This is a piece of our old AC unit (that they won't remove) that Zach keeps playing with.  It's got a rusted screw at the end, which seems to be Zach's favorite part of the thing.  

Zach LOVES the water.  Neko loves his little brother and cannot stand being far from him or me.  

What a walk down memory lane this was.  I know these photos will be cherished in the years to come! I cannot believe how far my family has come in the year i've had this iphone (this is my second since in Okinawa).  I can't wait to upgrade my phone again and go through photos again!