Saturday, June 30, 2012

Splish Splash-pad fun!

This morning was unfortunately spent running a bunch of errands.  Whenever that happens, I feel very bad for my poor baby boy.  He is such an energetic and fun baby and at his age, he really needs some fun developmental stimulation.  Nobody wants to be carted around in a cart while mommy and daddy run all around- especially a 17 month old!  After his nap, we decided it was time for some Zach time.  And on a beautiful day like today we headed straight to the pool.  Only this time we didn't even get in the water, we headed right to the splash pad at Kadena's pool.
Seriously, what kid doesn't like a sprinkler?  This was ten times better then a sprinkler.  The water was perfect, and we were even shaded from the bright and hot sun while Z was able to play.  He was absolutely fearless today- he loved every minute of it and "dove" right in.  Unfortunately, the jets in this thing were much stronger then we guessed.  He was knocked over quite a bit in the beginning, but quickly learned how to hold his own under the pressure.  He ran around, through the sprinklers, around them, and explored as much as he could.  He had a grand time running around!
Such a happy boy!

Which one should we run through next?

Splashing around with Daddy

This one made him fall over a few times but eventually he got the hang of it!

Splashing around in the sprinkler is surely a new favorite activity of the summer.  I cannot wait to bring Zach again!  He was so happy and ended up falling asleep very fast tonight!  Horay for early sleeping!

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