Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OkiOktoberFest Part 1

It wasn't until I moved to Japan that I realized just how much I enjoyed the fall.  I think back of going on hikes with my mom and brother and viewing the beautiful Fall foliage in my hometown, and remember the weather getting cool enough to wear cute sweaters without needing a huge snow jacket overtop!  

Even if we can't experience these traditions here, we all try our hardest to make due.  This year, we decided to put together the first annual Lester Heights OkiOktoberFest here on the hill.  It was basically a Fall fest only with an Okinawian spin on it.  The fest included a number of games followed by a Chili cookoff and beers by the bonfire.  Unfortunately, the weather was a bit wet out so our games had to be post poned for another week, but we did get to do our chili cookoff and bon fire.  

This event was just another reminder of how much I love my Okinawa family.  I keep realizing just how lucky we are and how much I'm going to miss everyone when we move.  It will certainly be a shock when we eventually move back to America (if that's where we move that is).  It may be hard to be away from our families while over here with a baby, but boy do we have a great family here!

 Ann Marie's awesome caramel apples.  Another thing I miss from the states- Apples! (They cost an arm and a leg here!!!)
 Suzy made these yummy looking cupcakes.
Louise always with something creative- red velvet cupcakes with peppermint bats!
 Dima put on a few pounds from the chili cook off
 Pie eating contest
 London was Hiccup from How to Train a Dragon
 Don't be fooled- this girl has lived here before we even got  here!  She is constantly away though!  Here is Alicia judging some chili
 Dima's chili shelf
 Pie eating contest... Joe won!
Even though the contest was over, Steve continued to eat his pie because they were that good!
 Emmy and Ben were country dancing while the adults hung out
 Louise and her favorite second born, London.  Love these two!
Ben and Emmy slow dancing.  After Emmy decided not to dance with Ben anymore, I stepped in.

We had a great time and cannot wait to continue the events next weekend...

My sumo man and I