Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ogre's ahead!

My how time flies.  It seems like just yesterday Louise was at my front door informing me that my dear neighbor, Ann Marie had her baby 6 weeks early.  Amazingly enough, that was 1 year ago today.  Ann Marie has been planning Juderman's 1st birthday party for about 3 months now, collecting boxes for a castle way back in July!  Today was the big day and her hard work paid off.

turkey bacon "tongues"

pizza "eyes"

ice cream ogres!

Jude's smash cake

Claire came in case there were a fire!

5 minutes into the party and my little shrek is OUT!

prince charming!

kind of like a pin the tail on the donkey game

The onion carriage!

tapioca shrek slime!

Feed the ogre!

Dima helped with the onion carriage rides.  All I could think of the whole time is "it's a dad's life." and how much his life has changed over the past year!

The birthday boy!

he wasn't too thrilled about this!

my ogre husband

My favorite ogre of them all...