Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween parties continue...

Tonight we were lucky enough to go to a halloween party over on Kadena.  Unfortunately, we never get the chance to go out anymore, as Zach is in bed by 6pm.  Last year, Dima was deployed so I went to this party with the Coats family.  Luckily, this year Dima got to be here for halloween, making this the first time EVER that we have gotten to be together for this holiday!  Finally!
As you can see, Tracy LOVES this holiday and goes all out for it.  Her decor is wild and crazy and really helps get me into the spirit of halloween!

This reminded me of the pumpkins my brother and I used to carve together.  Only we always put beer bottles next to ours!

London chomping down on his sandwich.  

Ozzy and peter pan.  A sight worth seeing!

My sumo man and I

Ozzy put on quite the show!

this was my favorite costume.  This guy was a trooper, he stayed in it all night!

no words

Dima and Sharon Oz

Fat and buff...

Chewy was Jaba's son.  Too cute

great decor!

Sumo wrestler  passed out

I LOVED Cannon's costume... a Kindle because he reads so much!  Great job Cannon!

Sharon, Ozzy, and Wendell

Ozzy jamming

mummy cupcakes!