Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mom of SIX?!

While Louise and Steve took a much deserved trip alone to Hong Kong together, we suddenly became the parents of not one- but FOUR! Now don't get get the wrong impression. I love the Coats family to death, their kids are amazing in every aspect. They have definitely been raised well. But this weekend gave me a glimpse of what life must have been like for my mother in law. Her kids are all about 2 years apart with the youngest daughter 5 years younger then the youngest boy (Dima). In this case we had Cannon (11), London (8), Emmy (5), and of course our own special Zach (8 months). All four kids are great (I think Neko is more work then all four combined!). Cannon must have thanked me a billion times, and London and Emmy had me cracking up constantly.
One thing I realized during this weekend is that I could never ever have kids 5 years apart! While Cannon was really helpful with Zach, London and Emmy had a little trouble understanding how much work a baby is. Emmy for example wanted to be with me a LOT and I nearly broke her heart when I told her to leave the room so I could put baby Zach to bed!
The weekend started out great. Friday evening we had homemade pizza and movie night (Aladdin- which Emmy is now obsessed with!).
Saturday we went down to the library for awhile which was great. I read a few books to London and Emmy while Cannon and Dima grabbed books for themselves. Of course I came home with a ton of books both for my family and theirs. We then came home and had some lunch and colored before going back to foster to go glow bowling!

Claire was really excited about her pink ball!

London waiting on his ball

Dima pouting because he missed a strike

London and Ben were more interested in playing with the holes on the tables then bowling.
Afterwards we played on the playground. Zach had a great time on the swing...


And he's out!
After a great day we were invited to our new neighbor's house for some dinner. Chris is also known as the "Meat Doctor." He does competitive grilling and also happens to be a Doctor. He spent the day using his smoker to make all kinds of meat- beef ribs, pork ribs, and brisket just to name a few! The boys were super excited to head over!
While i didn't eat any, it looked great. Cannon especially loved it. London loved the fruit salad of all things... he had 4 helpings!

Sunday morning started out great. The kids went off to church with Joe while I worked out and Dima and Zach played.
The coats kids ready for church

Zach pulling on Neko's chain

After lunch we packed up the car and headed to a roller slide park with our new friends, Chris and Ben.

The roller slide of death
All was going well...

London enjoying it

Chris enjoying the slide, Ben on the other hand looks terrified

Ben had reason to be terrified. The first part was very slow, but there became a part of the slide that slowed down and suddenly got very fast! you zipped down and around a sharp corner the rest of the way down.
This brings us to the climax of our story. On Dima's way down the slide he flew up in the air and his leg got caught in the "saftey" top of the slide. He heard a pop and came down with a look of pain on his face. He immediately said he thought he needed to get to the hospital, a true indication that he really was in a lot of pain. Chris was nice enough to bring him do the ER while i took the kids home.
So while I stayed home with not 1, not 4, but SIX kids (Joey and Courtney were with me too). Neko of course was one of the biggest problem children.
Dima came home with a mess of pills and an appointment in the morning to see another doctor. Some help the ER was!