Saturday, July 7, 2012

Post-sleepover party

Toddlers love blankets.  I spent all this time crocheting a blanket for Zach for when he was born and guess what?  He wasn't the least bit interested.  Only now is he somewhat interested in them, but not in his own blankets.  Oh no.  He wants the big ones.  When Dima and I fold laundry, he loves to get underneath the blanket we are folding.  So when the idea of the Stepanoff Sixty came to me, I knew we just had to build a fort.  He would love it.  My brother and I used to make forts all the time, using odd things around the house to hold them together.  Seriously, what kid didn't love making a fort?  And what better time to do it then in the morning after mommy and daddy's sleepover?  
Zach was amazed by the amount of blankets on the floor when he woke up this morning.  "This wasn't here last night."  Despite the confusion, he jumped right along with it, and curled right on up with his big doggie to get comfy.  While mommy made breakfast, the three boys laid out on the floor and Zach watched Dora for the first time.  He'll be a Russian/American/Japanese boy speaking Spanish in no time! 
Look at that face!  He is not happy Mommy was in his way!
While breakfast was cooking, I took it upon myself to make that fort.  Zach was very confused about what mommy was doing, and was so confused he wouldn't get under at first!  Eventually he got under with mommy and was a very happy boy.  When breakfast finished and we tried to eat under the fort, he was too distracted to eat.  We ended up having a picnic on the floor instead!  Then it was back into the fort for more fun!  Oh, and we had a short pillow fight!  Zach thought it was very funny.  We were laughing too hard to photograph it!
Neko checking out our new for

Mommy and Z playing

What is this place?
So happy!  We will be doing this again!
Love these two
We had a great morning, followed by a plethora of housework.  I am definitely in the nesting phase of this pregnancy- I've been working on a ton of freezer meals for after baby is born.  More on that later.  Things are about to get absolutely crazy around here, especially with a repeat c section and a shorter hospital stay.  I will be doing everything in my power to prepare.  Though I am well aware that even the most preparations will never be enough.  Those babies really like to throw you curveballs!  In our final weeks with one child, we will be taking advantage of the fun activities that we can share with a 1 year old! 

Stepanoff Summer Sixty:

o  Make a fort
o  Breakfast picnic
o  Pillow fight