Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boys just wanna have fun!

Bored, hanging around the house... what should we do today Mama?
Hmm... We could play with this truck for 2 minutes...
Or we could play under the table and avoid Mama!
Forget it!  This is boring.  Let's do something fun!
One of the best things about having a child is having the ability to bring them to fun places and watch them light up with happiness.  Today was one of those days that I got to do just that.  
Indoor play parks are a wonderful thing.  They give the child a chance to let out some pent up energy in a safe indoor environment.  The change of scenery from home is a great thing, especially if it rains as often as it does in Okinawa.  Kids need out of the confines of your house- especially if it's a concrete bunker like ours is!  What's even better is that the play parks in Okinawa are far superior to those in America.  Why?  Because I can bring my child and not freak that they don't clean it.  The Japanese are very clean, so bringing my son here isn't as terrifying of a feeling as if I was in America.  And so, with a cloudy/rainy day ahead of us, we headed up the road to play.  
Jumping on the trampoline

Loves this!

He was playing with a Japanese boy.  Look at his pants.  Gotta love Japanese clothes with American writing

Into the ball pit!

This is the life

Mom, you wanna jump in?  
Love this one!

Where's Zach?

And then he decided to start trying to pop the balls
I had so much fun with Zach at this place.  I look forward to watching him grow and play at this place over the next 6 months-1 year here.  Being a kid is so much fun- and being the Mommy watching all the fun unfold is truly an amazing feeling!

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