Sunday, July 8, 2012

Down on the farm

One of the things I love so much about Japan is the uniqueness.  For example, when we went to the Thai restaurant on the beautiful mountain overlooking the ocean, there was a fossil museum.  Random right?  When going to a certain pizza restaurant, there is a bull on the side of the road.  The randomness of Japan continues to amaze me.  And today's adventure is somewhat similar.
Zukeran Egg farm & Zoo is a great free day trip.  It's pretty close and it's a great place for kids.  First, you can walk around and look around at the many animals.  This is not an ordinary "zoo."  The cages are very small and most is indoors.  But in any case, it's a zoo and it's free.  And what toddler doesn't love the zoo?  We had fun walking around looking at the animals, then went to buy some local eggs and cream puffs (Amazing!) before heading home.
Zach loved this trip- he was more interested in the birds than anything and kept signing and saying it.  He was especially interested in the ostriches.  They looked like big birds to him.  I had been here before, but after going with Dima, I am encouraged to come more often.  Local eggs are without a doubt a great way to go- and the free zoo is just a bonus!
Zach kept saying "sit" as if this was a dog!

very loud birdy

not quite sure about this one

we tried to get Zach to sit but he was too confused and had to stay with Daddy

Why does this always happen when we go somewhere?  What is with turtles?

Checking out the bunnies

He loved the ostriches.  

big birdy!

best attraction there- a fan!

So sad.  This poor guy kept trying to crawl under the bars.  There were flies all over his back.  

Lots of eggs!

We chose the largest set.  Came with 40 eggs for 780 yen!  That's a great deal for local eggs!

Our eggs ready for us to eat!  I've already had quite a few- yum!