Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100th post field trip

Can you believe that we're finally at 100 posts?  In february, I made a list of my goals for the next year, and one of my goals was to post 150 blog posts!  Well, we are almost half way to that point and have 50 posts left!  After the birth of baby #2, I'm sure there will be many more posts, as I will be blogging 365 this time around.  
For a few weeks now, I've been brainstorming ideas for my 100th post.  I had a few ideas up my sleeve, including a quiz of 100 questions.  Instead, I decided that since I live in Japan, and I have the Summer Sixty going on, I must take a trip to the 100 yen store!  
The 100 yen store is basically a dollar store on crack.  It's much larger, with some truly unique finds that you just have to laugh at.  They are all over Okinawa, but the best one is the one at 100 yen plaza just a bit from Camp Foster.  And so, I took my bald little date with me on a field trip.  Here are some photos of some of our finds!

The cart has a little baby seat for my big boy!  
I don't know if these are sold in America yet or not.  They are balls that you put in your vase with water that really helps extend the life of our pretty cut flowers!  

The smallest trash can i've ever seen!  This was about the size of my hand!

These are the magnets you see on a car to let you know that an old person is driving.  But in reality, all the Japanese are terrible drivers!

In case your chair's legs get cold!

Disposable underwear.  Please read the fine print: "We're just a heart beat away.  One touch could make it happen.  We can reach the other side of we hold on to the passion."  I just about died of laughter!

oh my favorite- almond and fish.  Those are dried up fish in there.  Gross!
After our adventure (and 700 yen later) we took a trip into our favorite grocery store on the island.  We love this place for the amount of yummy foods you can get at their self-serve section.  This is similar to the salad bar or sides bar at the grocery.  You pick up a box and fill it with whatever goodies you want. The items are quite different then in America though.  Zach got a crab cake, crab tempura, and pork on a skewer for his lunch.  Mommy got a rice ball (which is like a big piece of sushi) with salmon inside.  Zach had so much fun pushing the mini carts around.  He loves pushing the stroller.  Maybe he'll help me push his baby brother in a few months!  
Pushing the cart

So much to chose from!

The dinner we got for tonight!  This was only 350 yen which is about 4.50.  What a great and cheap dinner!  We had it baked with lemon and salt and pepper!
Thank you all for following us through 100 posts!  We are very excited to share our adventures in Japan, and look forward to 100 more posts!  

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