Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family photos

Having a second child means that child gets jipped.  Baby #2 gets all of the first baby's hand me downs (especially if they are of the same sex).  Clothes, supplies, you name it, baby gets very few new things. Many people don't give gifts to the second baby or throw second baby showers.  
I vowed to myself from day one of this pregnancy that this baby would get some special treatment that Zach didn't get.  Baby is getting a very cute custom made bedroom (photos to come when it is finished), and some of the things that I never purchased with Zach.  When I was pregnant with Z, I took weekly photos to document my pregnancy.  This time around, I never got the chance to do that.  Life with a toddler gets in the way and my photo documentation has taken a hit as a result of my busy life.  Instead, I decided I would get maternity photos taken while pregnant.  This is something I never got done with Zach, so this baby has gotten a little special treatment in that department.  
My friend Katie has a very creative eye for photography.  She studied photojournalism at UNC Chapel Hill and is a talented and fun individual that i'm lucky to have met in Okinawa.  Her photos are constantly getting more and more creative and you can tell that everyone she photographs truly has a wonderful time with her.  Not to mention she's a mom herself, so she knows how to work with kids and what moms want!  
I was psyched to have her take some family/maternity photos of us and I am very pleased with the results.  I had some unique ideas up my sleeve that she was able to integrate into the shoot and I'm so happy with how fun these photos are!  Thank you so much Katie for your friendship and time on these photos.  They will truly be cherished for years to come!

Love watching that boy laugh!

He is truly loved

Listening to baby


Cannot wait to meet you baby!

I barely look pregnant here but I'm 32 weeks!

Love that man :)

Kisses from both my boys.  I absolutely love this shot!

Proof he has hair!

He was having so much fun here!
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 Family pictures