Friday, September 9, 2011

Zach the ladies man-at it again!

So today I offered to watch a friend’s daughter, Kiera. Kiera is just 2 weeks older then Zach and her mommy and I met at the airport picking up our parents who came to visit our newborn babies. Turns out our parents were on the same flights to Japan and Okinawa together, we had a lot of friends in common, and ended up bumping into each other many times since. Mandy dropped Kiera off this morning to play with zach. He was down for a morning nap at the time but when he woke up I brought Kiera up with me to greet Zach. He was all smiles when he saw her. They were so cute together playing. Zach was thrilled to have her. I look forward to many more playdates with her.

IMG 0889

Kiera & Zach