Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Lester Heights Tuna massacre!

So the guys have been discussing a fishing trip for a year now.  They were supposed to go last year, but ironically enough the night before they were supposed to leave- the boat they were supposed to go on got hit by another boat!  Let's face it- the chances of all the guys being around at the same time are very slim.  After all, this is military life!  It just so happened that all the guys happened to be around the same time today so the guys were finally able to go out to catch their families some good fish!

I took advantage of the day by working on my quilt with Wendy when I looked out the window at about 6 to see two trucks making their way up the cul de sac.  The men were back, and they had some very exciting loot to show off!

IMG 0656

Beautiful, Yummy, Japanese Tuna!

IMG 0650

Each guy (plus Alicia) caught at least 10 fish each!

IMG 0654

Look what I got Krimp!


And what do we do after catching all that fish?  hold a neighborhood tuna massacre!  Here we go...

IMG 0668

Fileting the fish

IMG 0674

Beautiful fresh fish!

IMG 0691

Alicia was the only girl who went with them, but she's without a doubt one of the boys.  She is sporting the look right here!

IMG 0705

Shane- just a little bit dirty!

IMG 0708

The kids all had a great time watching the show!

IMG 0719

Some of them had just a little too much fun!


All in all it was quite an interesting time watching the 1st Lester Heights Tuna Massacre!  One more reason that Lester Heights is the place to be!



From left: Chris, Steve, Dima, Jon, Joe, Shane, Alicia, & Spencer