Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great finds

On our way to a computer store today we found some great finds along 58...
I thought this was really funny... A tattoo parlor with the word "boobies" on the sign.  I'm not sure what the connection is unless someone is getting a tattoo on their boobs?
Dima was hungry so he stopped at Lawson's for some food.  I love these meals!  
I was really thirsty and wanted a green tea, I found this one and figured it sounded interesting.  It didn't taste too crazy.  It just tasted like a Japanese green tea.  
This farmer's market was near the computer store.  They had some great food (though the tomatoes I bought were bad) at some great prices.  They had a bag of zucchini full of about 15 zucchinis for 398 yen!  That's about $4.50!  I will be visiting this little stand next time I plan on making some zucchini soup.