Sunday, September 25, 2011

Presenting- The Japanese Car Show! Featuring... American cars & crazy outfits!

When I think of Monroe, CT I think small town.  Though I did not like my hometown, I do enjoy remembering certain aspects of my home.  The pathetic lighting of the christmas tree on the town square (5 strands of lights on a 4 story tall tree), Pumpkin picking at Jones, the St. Jude carnival, Breakfast with Santa, and the strawberry festival are some of my top memories as a kid from my rural home.  Another memory I have of my childhood was getting ice cream and going to the weekly car show at Bill's.  I distinctly remember running away from a man chasing us because my brother dropped his ice cream cone into the hood of his car.  
So when Louise mentioned there was a car show in my new home of Okinawa, I had to jump on the idea.  But silly me, I was expecting a car show like the ones back in Monroe, with old fashioned cars.  Not in Japan! 
I thought this was really funny.  A Toyota tundra... with the wheel on the RIGHT side of the car!  In America, this is what people would be driving TO the car show!
A chipmunk driving a motorcycle.  After this happened dima ran up to me and said "Please tell me you got a picture of that!"
Some 50's style dancing.  I love the Japanese Fonz!
Is this kid the cutest or what?  
Only in Japan do we have this many tv's and electronics in our car...  What's sad is he probably watches TV while driving.
I don't understand how this person makes it down streets in this thing. 
I had to take this photo.  This is what Dima used to drive back home... a BMW x5
Knight rider's plate.  I kept wondering how he drives this car around because clearly he's not from California if he's living in Japan.  And there is no Kanji characters on this plate!
This didn't make any sense to me... an anorexic looking spiderman was driving the Knight rider... I think we're a little confused. 
Lino and Putin were driving this car
Hot wheels cars for 150 yen each.  The adults and kids were going nuts digging through these!
I always hear that Americans dress so horribly, after living in Japan I have to disagree completely.  This woman had her overalls on with a belly shirt and heels.  I've been here for a year and a half now and I still am shocked every time I see the women walking out in town.  
Emmy getting a lollypop from a chipmunk!

Afterwards we found a great farmer's market.  It was nearby a benimo field where you can pick your own benimo.  This little girl was posting in front of the purple potato!