Monday, September 5, 2011

Just another day in paradise

IMG 0776

It's funny, you live on a tropical island but never really appreciate how absolutely beautiful it is but once in a blue moon.  I mean really, I can see the ocean from my home.  I can make a short walk to the beach right by my house, but I get so caught up in the craziness of life with an infant (mixed with unbearable humidity) that I never make the trek there.  Today we decided to take advantage of the beautiful island we call home.

The Coats found this beautiful beach up by Camp Hansen not long ago.  The real trick to finding great beaches here is just simply taking out a map and finding  an area that is not overly populated.  And that's how they found this beautiful gem.

I really needed to find some shells and seaglass to fill the apothocary jars I recently purchased at the Navy gift shop and Louise told me this beach was perfect for that.  Boy was she right!  I found some pure gems to put in my home and i'll always remember just where I collected those shells.

IMG 0751

It took some time, but as I combed the beach, I found some gorgeous shells!

IMG 0760

Louise and London helping me find some shells.


But that's not all that was cool about this beach.  This beach had crystal clear warm water with lots of neat little critters to explore.  The kids had fun trying to catch the hundreds of fish that swam in the water with us.

IMG 0777

The Coats family playing in the water.


This was the first time Zach was able to really appreciate the ocean.  Just like the dog, he had to find out the hard way that the water wasn't edible!  Neither was the sand!

IMG 0788

Zach & Daddy enjoying the day together.

IMG 0763

This trip reminded us of how we need to take advantage of the little time we have left on this pure Gem of an island and take in the stunning views!


IMG 0743

The kids walking back to the car after a very enjoyable day...