Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Color Run

 Ever since themed races have gotten big, we have been wanting to do one.  I have seen many of my friends post about their zombie run or mudder and lots of other fun kinds of races.  Unfortunately, not many made their way to Japan.  Luckily, "Virginia is for Runners."  There are tons of races in our area and all over the state.  So when we saw that a color run was coming to Richmond, we knew we had to do it.  It's kid friendly (it's just corn starch) and just a blast of a time!  We were even more excited when D Step's family wanted to join us.  We knew that the run would live up to it's name, "The happiest race on the planet!"

We learned that it was cheaper to register as a group, so we registered with the name "EZ Steps" and made our motto, "Steppin on Color!"  I had everyone buy white shirts that I was able to iron our names and team name onto.  I am very happy with how they turned out.  

I don't think a bunch of text is going to do this race justice, so I will let these photos speak for themselves.  


At the Starting line!

The first color to be thrown on us was blue.  We all really wanted a lot of blue on us! 

Next was green, another that we wanted a lot of!

Next was orange.  Though I love orange, I tried to avoid this one because I noticed that it made the colors look really muddy together.  Unfortunately I still got pelted with quite a bit of it!

Yellow.  There was a really fun guy at this one screaming about how much he loved yellow!
The boys were both cranky during the race, but stayed content in the stroller.  They got a little color on their feet, but not too bad, as the sun shade was up the whole time. (It was SUNNY!)
After the race was over the after party began.  It basically consisted of a stage, free shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, glasses, and more powder.  Every 15 minutes there was a huge color throw, where everyone threw their colored powder in the air.  It was so cool to see the colors all at once.  This was my favorite part. E Step and I stood to the side of the stage for one throw and his bald little head got covered in orange and purple.  The purple ended up being our favorite color.  It was so vibrant and fun!  I literally was rolling in it at the end to get my shirt more saturated.  
Those shorts belonged to the "Runicorn" the mascot of the race.  I tried to get a photo with Z Step, but he was more interested in a bubble gun.  
The boys playing with the color.  Love E Step's head!  And Z Step was laughing while rolling around in it.  
Lots of fun during!

Our afters.  
My family and I stepped on some color alright!  

He had so much fun rolling in it!
Overall, this was a great run.  It was so much fun, and without a doubt was the happiest race on the planet.  The atmosphere of everyone was so fun and happy.  I cannot wait to do this again!