Saturday, September 21, 2013

American History Museum

After the excitement of the color run, our visitors had to part with us.  They were all headed up to the NY/CT area, so we decided to make a trip up to DC with them for a few hours.  We stopped at the American History Museum, my favorite museum on the National Mall.  

We only saw a short portion of the museum, as there is so much to see in it.  We spent about 2 hours walking around before having lunch and saying sayonara to my D Step's brother and his wife.  
Yep, that's Kermit.  and Dorothy's ruby slippers.  And a tax collector.  

They had a whole exhibit for the Little Golden Books.  And I loved this vintage mason jar.  It was next to an exhibit all about old fashioned homes.  

My Minions

Z Step being cheesy 
We then walked all over the Mall, looking at a few monuments and the Lincoln Memorial.  We then walked back to our car and parted ways with the other Steps.