Sunday, September 8, 2013

Post- Baby Half Marathon

You may remember awhile ago I made a list of goals for the new year.  One of my goals that I had set out to achieve was to run a half marathon by the end of the year.  After E Step was born, I hopped right back into fitness, just as before.  I love fitness.  It's become something that I truly enjoy doing now.  Those six weeks after E Step's C-Section were hard for me because I couldn't workout!  You may remember my 8 month pregnant bottom running in the 110 degree weather (don't worry, it was the last run before I switched to indoor workouts). I suffered a running injury for about 6 months after E Step was born and I strongly think it was from nursing (my ligaments never went back to normal!).  

About 2 months ago, I laced up my shoes again and finally got back out on the streets.  Ever since, I have been running 3-4 times a week, slowly increasing my mileage.  I started out more concerned with going the distance required for that day, but eventually I noticed my time getting better.  I started out at a 10-11 minute pace (pushing the HEAVY double stroller) and am now at an 8:42 minute mile (without the kids).  I am confident I can shave some time off that pace with more training.  

With E Step's first birthday just two days away, I set out for a morning run this Sunday morning.  I figured I could run a mile for each month of his life, plus an extra for luck.  My schedule was all set for me to run a half marathon at this point in my training, however I was not registered for any races.  I decided to do it on my own instead.  I am still looking to register for a half soon!  It looks like most are in the spring time though!  

The run was hot.  Very hot.  And on the entire course, I did not once hit any shade.  I brought water with me, and packed some gels and chews for every 45 minutes.  I ran my normal 4 mile loop twice, and then ran to the hiking trail we normally go to and ran around 3 times before running home.  
My favorite part of this run was at the end, when two women who were walking outside on my street spotted me.  They looked like runners themselves, and noticed I looked like I was on a serious run.  They began cheering me on and clapping for me.  I told them that I was literally at my last .1 mile of my half marathon and they cheered louder.  I ended right in front of my house and they told me to go inside and take an ice bath (which I had planned).  

Overall the run was ok.  I did not fuel up nearly as well as I normally do for a longer run.  I didn't drink nearly enough water the days leading up to the race, and my carb intake was much lower then I should have.  I am quickly learning from my mistakes, and am just glad to have finished.  I did stop to walk a few times, which surely added to my time.  Normally I run straight through.  In any case, I will get there in the coming months.  It is still one of my dreams to run the disney princess!  

And so, I can cross another of my goals off my list!  Thanks for the support!