Friday, May 4, 2012

Tokyo: Day 5

Our final day in Tokyo has arrived and we couldn't be more sad to see it winding down.  We have had a blast so far, but are excited to go back to the states shortly after to see our family.  So for our final day here, we decided to hit up Ueno park, Ginza, and a dinner out.  Unfortunately, the rain has not given much of a break, but we did get a few hours of a rainless afternoon!  
Our first stop was Ueno park, a beautiful park that is also home to many museums.  The plan was to walk around, then go to the zoo (where there are pandas!) then go to the National Museum in the park.  We forgot to mention in previous posts that it is also Golden Week.  Golden week is also known as "long holiday" because the Japanese observe many holidays during this week.  This includes Showa Day, memorial day, greenery day, and children's day.  The Japanese get quite a few days off and many of them travel.  It just so happens that we happened to get the raw end of this deal, because the zoo was packed.  Just looking at the line made us all decide it wasn't worth our time.  Sure, it would have been cool to see, but we've seen pandas before and if we end up moving to San Diego or Quantico again, we will surely get to see Pandas with Zach.  So we walked around a little and said that we'd go to the Museum.  Unfortunately, that too was packed and the prices were very high to get in.  But all in all, it was still a very neat park to walk around.  

Kiyomizu Kannon- Do, one of the oldest temples in Tokyo.  It is at this temple, that women come to pray for their children.  Many women who can't conceive come to pray to get pregnant, while others pray for the health and happiness of their children.  If someone who prayed for conception were to have a child, the mother will then return with their child after he/she is born.  

To wash your hands and spit out before entering

Next stop was Ginza- an upscale shopping area that contains Japanese department stores, Sony, Apple, Abercrombie, and many other stores known in America.  We had fun walking through the 12 floor department store and ended at the top- the kids department that also contained some play gear.  Zach really needed this, so he played for about 45 minutes inside a play house.  He was fascinated by opening and closing the door.  We didn't buy anything because it was all so very expensive, but we had a good time walking around.  
Streets of Ginza

Huge apple store

The streets of Ginza

Since we had some time to kill now, we headed over to Tokyo Tower, since we still hadn't seen it because the weather had been so bad the past few days.  Again, because of the holiday it was packed.  The wait to get tickets was long, and the wait to actually go to the top was around 150 minutes.  We decided it wasn't worth it, but at least we got to see it up close!

May 5th is children's day, so these were out in celebration for the holiday tomorrow!

Love the colors

Tokyo Tower mascot.  

And so we headed back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before one final night out on the town.  The sitter arrived and we were off!  Upon searching for restaurants in Tokyo, we stumbled upon some very unique ones.  But the one place that really stood out to us was Alcatraz E.R.- a theme restaurant all around a mental ward in Alcatraz!  It was wild, and we were laughing the entire time!  

WARNING!  The photos from here on are rated R!  
Pressing our blood type to enter

Dima getting handcuffed and escorted to our cell

Our menu

Notice what is in the Caution bucket.  This was used to mix Sangrias!

How we got the attention of our doctors/nurses

Our medicine

Dima and his drink

Fedya got an Orange juice that you mixed with these other flavors.  

Dima's shot

Taking medicine

Fedya got Pork Stomach

Mixing his drink

yummy drink

Pouring sauce onto his food

My salad- it was a piece of tofu!

Dima's... um...


Check out the beer on the right!  It's supposed to look like pee!

Dima drinking his pee

Boobs fried rice

While we were eating, the lights all turned out, strobes flashed and a prisoner "went crazy."  They stole this man from his cell.  He had no idea what was going on, but we found out later his girlfriend set him up!

Being taken away

I don't think I want to comment on this.  

Getting his injection to sedate him

In our cell

The boys and one of the nurses

Our last day in Tokyo ended with a bang.  We are so lucky to have gotten to travel to such a beautiful city.  It has truly been a trip of a lifetime and I will be sad to say goodbye.  Thanks for a wonderful time to my hubby, son, and brother in law.  And of course, thanks Tokyo!