Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tokyo: Day 2

I think one of the reasons Dima and I make such a great couple is because we are both kids at heart.  Having a child is allowing us to do things we haven't done in awhile that we missed so.  Though Zach's a little young for some things still, we embrace what we can do at his age.
One thing that's been on our "to do" list while living in Japan, was to go to Tokyo Disney.  Now that we're visiting Tokyo, we are able to cross that off our list.  What's even better, is Dima's brother has the same obsession with Disney that we do.  Never mind that Zach is too young for Disney movies, we were psyched to do this.
We were shocked at how obsessed the Japanese were with Disney.  I've never seen so many childless adults at Disney in my life.  And everyone was decked out in Disney!  There were girls dressed as Donald Duck, and people wearing memorabilia everywhere.  It was nothing like in the states.  You see the Mickey ears on select people, but that's about as wild as it gets.  Not here.  The souvenir shops must make millions!
There are two parks at Tokyo Disney: Disney Sea and Disney land.  I had done some research and found out that though both parks are smaller then Disney world, it still takes about 2 days to do both parks.  So today we headed to Tokyo Disney Sea.  There is no "Sea" park in Disney world, but they did have all the same rides as in various parks there.
As soon as we walked in, the excitement overwhelmed us!  Just the little shuttle to take us from Disneyland to Disney Sea had Mickey memorabilia.  The windows were in the shapes of Mickey's head, and this was the handles to hold on.
How cute!
When we walked in, there were characters everywhere!  Some of the characters were ones we've seen many times before, but some where unique to Japan.
Chip and Dale RAN over to Zach the moment they saw him.  He was a little unsure here, but by the end of the day, he was loving the characters!

Zach hasn't quite gotten the "high five" yet

He was very excited for this

On our walk, we made it into a small souvenir shop to look around.  The boys wanted me to buy cheshire cat ears since I'm absolutely terrified of that freaky cat!  So instead, I took photos of Zach wearing them.
Who knew someone so cute could look so scary

My little Tigger!

Our first stop was Mysterious Island, where we first picked up fast passes for the boys for "Journey to the Center of the Earth."  Unfortunately, since I'm 5 months pregnant I can't ride some rides, this was one of them.  Zach also doesn't meet the height requirement.  But we went to Disney knowing this.  I was actually surprised at how many rides we WERE able to ride.  And I was able to hide my belly if I really wanted.  Our first ride was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, an indoor ride where we went "under the water" in small submarines.  Upon getting onto our little submarine, I was nervous my little man would get scared.  It was dark, and there were scary monsters left and right.  Luckily, he was fascinated by the lights and sights.  It was then that I knew this trip would be great.  Not to mention the bubbles appearing in the window of our submarine.
Submarine in Mysterious Island
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Our next stop was Mermaid Lagoon.  This was right up Zach's alley, as many of the rides were for his age, and there was an indoor "Ariel playground."  We first went to a show.  It was quite funny to hear Ariel in Japanese, but most of the songs were in English.  Zach loved watching the fish and Ariel doing her trapeze skills up above our heads.  After the show, Fedya went his own way for a few while Zach got his legs moving around the playground.  
Welcome to Mermaid Lagoon!

Crossing the bridge.  He thought this was the coolest thing!

He laughed the whole way, and fell nearly every step he took

Ringing the bell on Eric's ship

Playing inside the coral

Next, we headed to the Arabian Coast to hit up Agrabah.  Our first stop was the Carousel, which Zach really enjoyed.  What was even better was he was able to ride on the Genie!  After this ride, we found the Genie.  I made it my goal then to get a photo of myself and him.  I tried to ask him to put his hand on my belly for good luck for the baby, but either he couldn't understand me, or he wasn't allowed to do that.  But in any case, I got a photo of the Genie and my pregnant belly! Then we got to have some yummy curry for lunch, as it started to rain a bit.  

Loved this fountain
My boys ready to go to a "whole new world"

5 months pregnant riding a camel!
20 weeks, getting some good luck charm from the Genie
This was his face when he saw Zach.  He spent quite a lot of extra time playing with Zach then the other kids!

Next up was "Lost River Delta" where the guys got to ride Indiana Jones and I waited with Zach.  There wasn't much else here, but the sights were pretty cool.  
Indiana Jones

We then made our way over to Port Discovery for a few rides.  Zach got to ride on Aquatopia with Daddy and Mommy.  This was a ride that went around and around in the water.  He could not stop laughing.  He loved the spinning! Dima and Fedya got to go on Stormrider- where they got to fly inside a storm.  


Fedya on Aquatopia

Despite this face, he was thrilled about this ride.  We went on twice!

Next was the American Waterfront.  We got to go to Turtle talk- a comedy show with Crush.  Unfortunately, since it was all in Japanese, we don't know what was going on.  Seemed funny though! The boys got to ride Tower of Terror here too, which I was bummed to miss.  It's one of my favorite rides.  
Tower of Terror

Zach fell asleep when the guys went on tower of terror.  Donald thought we should all quietly take a photo!  SHHHhhh!

At this point, we were hungry for dinner and we wanted to eat early so we could see the show later.  We decided it was a great idea to do a character dinner.  We had a great meal, and the company was great!  Zach LOVED the characters.  It seemed that they spent extra time at our table compared to the Japanese.  I think it's because Zach is so cute!  
The boys got this dessert
Dima's steak

My salmon- only in japan!

The boy ready to meet some friends!

He didn't know he was behind him yet!

Kisses for Minnie!  They are such flirts!

Mickey came.  We had to turn Zach to look at the camera.  He loved him.  

Loving the whiskers!

After dinner we walked around a little more to explore.
Couldn't be a happier boy

Gondola rides

Firing a cannon off the boat

Crawling through tunnels

The boys in front of tower of terror

Love this shot!

They were still celebrating Easter here, so this is the Easter decorations they had out!

We then had to start setting up camp for the "Fantasmic" show they put on.  This was very unique to Tokyo Disney Sea.  They had a huge mountain in the middle of the water that lit up.  It was cool to see all the animations appear on it.  They also had fountains, and boats with characters going around.  It was truly Fantasmic!  It ended with a short break before some fireworks!  I love Japanese fireworks shows!
Zach got a flashing toy before the show.  Dima and Fedya got hats.  What's funny is that there is a Donald Duck body in the back of this.  Fedya got Goofy!  That's my husband...


The Genie

And so, we ended our second day with a bang.  Disney is one of the greatest places, but it is also very exhausting.  We all passed out when we got back before heading back for round two!