Saturday, May 19, 2012

American style baby shower!

Being in Japan, there are many things we've not been able to share with our friends and family.  Dima's promotion (soon to be plural!), our church wedding, and most importantly- the pregnancy and birth of our first child.  We have an amazing family here in Okinawa, but missing out on that experience was very hard for me, as having children has always been my biggest goal in life.  My Oki family spoiled me with not one, but two baby showers when I was pregnant with Zach, but not having our families there made things a bit sad.  Our families never even saw me pregnant!  This time was going to be different, and luckily, we happened to be in the states for a wedding while I'm pregnant this time around.  My mother in law planned this baby shower for us, and we invited some of our closest friends to join us in the excitement of another baby boy.  
I'm not exactly a girly girl.  I'm not a fan of the traditional baby showers with the cutesy games like, "Don't say baby" and dirty diapers made of candy. Our baby shower for Zach consisted of our closest friends stuffing as many balloons down their shirt as they could fit.  This was the kind of fun we wanted to have.  In order to share this excitement with all of our friends, we made this a BBQ shower that included the guys.  Nothing cutesy about this party.  Just beer, burgers, and hot dogs.  Now that's my kinda party!  
The agenda?  NONE!  Nothing planned but food, beer, and catching up with good friends and family.  That's it.  The only game we included was a beer chugging contest- with baby bottles!  It was really funny to watch everyone sucking at the nipples, they are surprisingly hard to sip from!  Vanya turned out to be champ, though my mom tried to cheat in the process by switching hers with soda!  She was automatically eliminated.  
We did open our gifts with everyone, and thank you all so much for your generosity.  Baby #2 will surely be spoiled rotten, just like his big brother.  Even Zach was lucky enough to get some cute gifts from his family.  
My mom made this wonderful fruit salad inside a watermelon!

Michelle, Twazzie, Jes, Jennie, Dima and I doing the Oki sign!

My dad, Z and I

My brother, Dad, and I

Dima, Michelle, Twazzie, Ric, and Shelley May

All of my closest girl friends- Alicia, Jenny, Me, Jess, Michelle, and Dana

With those missing- Jenny, Shelley May, Alicia, Me, Z, Jess, Michelle, Dana
Prepping the baby bottles with beer
Liz, My mom, and Vanya chugging their beers (or in my mom's case- soda!)

Dima sucking at the bottle

Zach wishing he could have participated
Time for some cake!

Cutting our cake- this one didn't have any surprises inside!  
Some presents from our wonderful friends and family

A "Best Brother in the Universe" shirt for Zach

Thank you all so much for sharing this day with us.  It has been a delight to see you all, and we are so happy to say that baby #2 is very loved by his family and friends.  We look forward to meeting him and introducing him to you all!