Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tokyo: Day 3

Today began round two of Tokyo Disney.  We visited Disney Land this time, which is very similar to Magic Kingdom in Disney World.  We were greeted with characters and Cinderella's castle.  There were some really neat characters they don't have in Disney World.  The line for Mickey was insane.  The Japanese sure do love Mickey!  Pooh's line was almost as long.  Needless to say we didn't see them.  But we did see some of the other characters.  Unfortunately, it poured all day long. It was not the greatest, but we made the best of it and still had a great time.  
Cinderella's Castle
The fairy godmother and I

Goofy & Goofy

Goofy, Schmee, Zach, and Dima.  Z loved his glasses!

Our first stop was Tomorrowland- where we first stopped into "Monsters inc. Hide and Go Seek."  This was similar to the Toy story ride at Hollywood Studios.  You went around and shot at little helmets with a flashlight.  Zach loved playing with the flashlight!  Unfortunately we never found out who won because they spoke in Japanese!  Next, the boys went on Space Mountain while Zach and I walked around.  Something neat the park had was these little popcorn stands all over.  It was neat because they had some really cool flavors.  There was the typical caramel popcorn and buttered popcorn, but there were some unique ones too.  This soy sauce one grabbed my attention, but we never got around to trying it.  It smelled so good!  We also visited some gift shops and saw stitch's girlfriend.  We also went on a very unique ride- Captain E.O. This was a show starring Michael Jackson.  They used to have it in Disney world, but got rid of it for Honey I Shrunk the Kids (which was awesome).  After MJ died, they brought it back.  It was pretty lame, it was about MJ going to outer space and singing and dancing to distract the bad guy.  Not worth our time, but we can say we saw it.  

We then visited ToonTown.  This seemed right up Zach's alley, but it was more of a play area for older kids then anything.  We did go on Rodger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin- a very very spinny crazy ride.  We were convinced Zach would love it.  Apparently he did, so much so that he fell asleep!  We then walked around a bit.  

Beautiful poppies

neat little treehouse

Minnie's house

This was the ride Z fell asleep on

Before the ride

My family in Toon Town

Dima trying to escape from jail

Fedya escaping from the dog pound

Next stop was Fantasyland.  This was the perfect place for all of us, as there were lots of rides for Z to go on.  We first stopped at Winnie the pooh, but realized it must be a HUGE hit here in Japan.  The line was an 80 minute wait, so we grabbed fast passes for HOURS later.  We are lucky we got a fast pass before they ran out! So we instead stopped into pinocchio, which was cute.  Followed by Mickey's PhilharMagic- a neat 3d show starring Donald and involves him going to many different movies while they sing.  It includes water squirting at you, and the smell of apple pie as Donald grabs one from the Beauty and the Beast set.  Zach was more interested in playing with the glasses then anything of course.  We then boarded a boat on It's a small world.  A classic disney ride that has the song will forever be burned into my memory.  Zach was interested in looking around.  
Next was lunch at an Alice in Wonderland place.  It was really cool, they even served unbirthday cake!  I had the swordfish- only in Japan can you get swordfish in Disney!  We also got to go on the Haunted Mansion.  Glad to report that Zach was not scared and he even became a ghost at one point.  
It's a Small World


Neat little vending machine



The Haunted Mansion

That scary Cheshire cat!

Where do we want to sit for lunch?

Next stop was Adventureland, where we went in the Tiki room.  Unfortunately, even the songs were in Japanese, so we had no idea what was going on.  But it was still nice to see the birds moving, and stitch was the main attraction.  We went on a railroad for a bit and then Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is really funny to hear Jack Sparrow talking in Japanese!  It was pouring at this point, so we didn't get to take photos. 
We then headed to the World bazaar for some Dinner at Hokusai, a Japanese place.  It was a great meal and they even had a special placemat/toy for Zach.  At this point, it was time for Dima, Zach, and I to get home.  Zach was getting cranky and tired and it was time for bed.  So the three of us headed home while Fedya stayed to finish the rides we missed.  

Tokyo Disney was a wonderful trip for us.  Though the language barrier was a little tough at times, it was really neat to be at Disney in a different country.  As of now, Dima has been to every Disney except for the one in California.  That will be on the list for the future though!  This trip made us that much more excited to bring our kids to Disney world when they are older!