Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My youngest valentine yet...

When I was a kid, Valentine's day was all about the yummy candy i'd surely get at school.  When I got older, I begun to understand the holiday more, and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't partake in the holiday.  I mean why should people spend ONE day showing they love one another?  Shouldn't we spend every minute of every day loving each other?  Luckily, I married a man who believes the same exact thing.  And let's face it, when you're with the right person every day is valentine's day! 

But this year, I have a child (he was only weeks old last year) and I thought it was fair game to embrace in some parts of this holiday.  I always got something small from my parents on Valentine's day.  And I do intend on continuing that tradition in my family.  Just a small box of chocolates, or little something.  Since he will never remember this holiday, I figured what better time to take embarrassing photos of my innocent baby while I still can?  Besides, the hubs is away, so I figured I had to do it now before he returned!  And so, here we are:
Mom, did you see what's in here?

Gosh i love this kid

For you Mama!

How cute is this?!

he was cracking up

And the best part-the chocolate!

This is going to go to his thighs, but that's ok

Eat your heart out ladies and gents, but he is my little man and I sure do love him!